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Ben Kearns has been working at Stem, Inc. an start-up in San Francisco focused using data and analytics to optimize power consumption on the power grid.

Ben Kearns 

Engineering and Operations Leader 

Ben is currently VP of Technology at Stem, Inc where he has been since early 2010. 

Ben's was formerly VP of Professional Services at U1. Ben had been associated with the U1 engineering team since 1996 when he was a member of original Ambrosia team at Open Horizon. Prior to rejoining U1, Ben built and managed some of the largest transaction processing sites on the Internet. Ben's key strengths are technology strategy identification, Java and J2EE development, solution identification, market definition, global IT delivery, systems and application engineering and the proven ability to create a global technology delivery organization.

From 2005 until 2007 Ben was Director of Engineering for Remote IP Application Management Group at Verizon Business. In this role, Ben managed some of the largest and most profitable eCommerce, financial and travel sites on the Internet including American Airlines, Best Buy, Sony and Gap ensuring reliable 24/7 operations of their critical infrastructure. As a leader of an 80+ person globally dispersed team at Verizon, Ben grew the professional services revenue by 35% year over year with overall professional services revenue exceeding $25M per year.

Prior to this, Ben was Director of Engineering at Totality. In this role, Ben specialized in J2EE management, troubleshooting, setup, design, and solving complex business problems for clients. Ben grew Totality's highly skilled consulting workforce who, with the acquisition by Verizon, have helped Verizon complete the vision of providing end to end IT services, from data lines, to data centers, to hardware and leasing, to now full IT management and outsourcing.

Prior to Totality, Ben was Member of the Technical Staff at DBO2, where he developed a multi language handheld enterprise application in C and Java with numerous deployments including with Intel.

From 1998 to June 2002 Ben was Senior Technical Architect at Fort Point Partners. In this role he worked to build out the New York office and lead the first delivery team in New York city. While at Fort Point, Ben oversaw the build-out and hiring in New York, San Francisco and Munich offices and built them into world class delivery centers. During this time period Fort Point successfully delivered projects for Best Buy,, Martha Stewart, auto.t-online (a division of Deutsche Telecom), Fleet Securities, The North Face, McGraw Hill, Intel and many others. One of his key roles was as lead architect on (K-Mart) a $20MM integration of ATG, ePiphany, Oracle Financials and Submit Order in a short 9 month sprint.

Ben holds a BS in Applied Mathematics from the University of California, Davis.